Ovingham Playing Field & Ovi-Fun

The Playing Field was established in the late 60s by a group of

enthusiastic residents following the development of the new

housing in the village. It is leased from Northumberland Estates

by Ovingham Parish Council which has ultimate responsibility

for its management. The current lease expires in 2037. Upkeep

is financed by Ovingham Parish Council though this is dependent

on a lot of voluntary work including from time-to-time, a

Community Service Team. Grants are sought for sizeable projects

and over £100,000 has been raised since 2005 for the pavilion

and play equipment refurbishment.

'Ovi-Fun Field Day' is an annual event following on from the

'Picnic in the Park' in 2011 which celebrated the opening of the

new play equipment and the equally successful 'Ovilympics' in 2012.

These events are organised by a team of enthusiastic volunteers

who plan and fundraise throughout the year. Our aim is to stage

an event which is free, inclusive, celebrates local talent, encourages

a healthy lifestyle and is fun. There are about twelve core members

of the team and we are keen to welcome anyone with time and

enthusiasm to offer. If you would like to get involved

give Phil Holden a ring on 01661 830 517.